EUROPHAR, through its associated companies, provides the following services:

  • Definition and management of environmental, safety and security policies in ports and their nearby areas.
  • Development of environmental diagnosis related to the port activities.
  • Identification of pollutant sources and factors which could affect the environmental aspects in ports.
  • Presentation of strategies and measures oriented to prevent and mitigate the negative effects in the environment derived from the presence of port installations.
  • Integration of control methods and environmental management systems within the whole port management systems.
  • Development of treatment techniques for the management of dredging products and liquid and solid wastes coming from port activities.
  • Environmental and risk assessments referred to port activities and accidents.
  • Studies and recommendations of normative and legal framework related to safety as well as elaboration of emergency plans.
  • Training activities, information and awareness campaigns among the agents of the port sector and the public in general.